Final Confinement Catering Done

I have finally finished the confinement food catering food. Well, the catering service that I ordered ended the delivery on the 21st day. It was a wonderful experience of not planning what food to cook for myself since I am supposed to be lying in bed most of the time […]

Birth of a New Princess 1

So, I am now a mother of 2 girls. This was not an easy pregnancy. The birth was a relief for me. I would not vomit at any time so easily. Besides trying to chew tough confinement meat. On the day of the birth, I was out with my family […]

A First for Everything

This was a night to remember. It was my first time attending a wedding while heavily pregnant. Really close to my EDD. I am just glad that I managed to attend this wedding since it is the brother-in-law’s wedding. When my wedding happened years back, hash tags were just starting […]

Working After School Hours is NOT Part of Service

First off, I will state clearly: I am a mother. I am also working full time. I am also working in a school. I am NOT a teacher. I am part of the Support Staff who is NOT entitled to school holiday scheme. I work 52 weeks excluding public holidays. […]

The Third Trimester Is Here

I have finally reached the third trimester. Having a fetus kicking every few minutes is fun as long as my bladder isn’t the one being pushed. So, there I was, trying to find and decide a confinement meal caterer when I decided to use The Natal Kitchen as it was […]

Confinement Meals Catering Search 1

It is about time I order confinement meals catering if I want the early bird discount. This early bird discount is more valid for RichFoods and Natal Essentials. I recently received a package from Nestle Baby Club and it gave me a coupon of SGD100 off from The Natal Kitchen. […]

What I Hope to Try After Birth

I feel deprived. Mostly of food that I want to eat. Except, I have no appetite to eat. Thus, watching food and recipes online just makes me anxious for the upcoming birth. So that I can finally eat what I really want to try. Those deliciously healthy (I certainly hope […]

Not Enjoying The Pregnancy

For this time, I am not enjoying this pregnancy. The constant nausea is driving me crazy during my waking hours and the nights of tossing are torturous. If I were not working, I would sleep at home all day and feel less terrible. However, I am still nauseous and vomiting […]

Finally The 2nd Trimester

And so, I have finally reached the 2nd trimester. The first trimester had been very tiring and challenging. I had to work and vomit at the same time unless I was lying down. Lying down on the bed helped a lot than eating too many plums and my tooth ached. […]

I Wish I Can Work 6 Hours for a 5-Day Work Week

When I read somewhere that a Swedish company has completed a successful trial of letting the employees work only 6 hours on a 5-day work week, I was intrigued and jealous. Why can’t Singapore ever adopt that kind of mentality with an 8-hour pay? Because we work to mark attendance. […]