Tools for Nose Relief

Sometimes, being a parent means learning stuff. Stuff that I never knew my parents had to go through. With the internet, I found tools like nasal aspirator, Neti pot, nasal syringe and other names, just to help relieve the nose congestion. Neti pot is used for sinus, however, I believe it will help with flu too. When I have 2 kids with flu, it is a horrible night and nights. The baby is unable to blow her nose and it kept her up all night when the mucus flows into her throat after a few hours or 2.

Unfortunately, she has this fear of anything that sticks up her nose. The nasal aspirator that I bought is not helping her much. It can’t seem to suck anything out except air. There are a few times I have succeeded in sucking something out but I think my mouth works better. I tried a new aspirator that uses my mouth to suck through. Unfortunately, it heightened her fear of aspirators and tissues up her nose just to try to clear the nose.

While I’m willing to try a Neti pot or something similar, I’m pretty sure she will fear me coming at her with something in my hand rather than feed her. I can only try the Neti pot for the elder one who dislikes blowing her nose for some reason. Constant nose blowing does hurt the nose from the insides. However, the bad flu is really congesting the breathing and I hear snoring at night from 2 kids.

I think I have bought more stuff for the nose than my mother did the last time.

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