Just to Transport Kids

I have this itch to find a transport (for short distances) for my kids. Perhaps, to workplaces nearby too. It can be painful to take public transport that don’t adhere to my timing. I’m that haughty but should not since public transport in Singapore is better than in other countries where we just wait about 10 minutes during non peak; provided those places are highly populated.

In other words, it is tiresome to ferry kids to and fro from home to the babysitter’s place and back home again. Although, thanks to the baby, the father-in-law has been ferrying us back with his vehicle. I would prefer to do it myself but with him doing the driving, I won’t have to worry about traffic and whether the girls are safely buckled.

Thus, my idea is to have a personal transport to ferry the girls for the next 5 or 6 years. Especially when they are schooling. Once, they attain teenagehood, it is their responsibility to get their own transport. Now, I have these 3 new loves. Provided they are approved in Singapore.

That tricycle. I cannot for the life of me, ride a bicycle. It makes my husband laugh. Isn’t it a beauty?

The bottom of the back seat will contain stuff and the rider seat will contain the battery. Just the matter of using it during rainy season.

This minibus has my heart. It has a rain cover too! However, I’m pretty sure it won’t be approved in Singapore for the next 10 years, my kids won’t need me to ferry them by then. One can hope for it though.

The only storage area is the basket in front of the driver. I can’t wait to use it if it is ever approved. Soon. Any time now.

For myself, I will be needing this tricycle scooter. Laugh all you want, I saw this when a 70-year-old UberEats delivery lady using it and knew it is perfect for me. I can keep it in the house apartment too!

This 3-wheeled scooter has me wanting it too. I believe the scooters are approved once I get the motors to be within the legal speed limit.

So, how do you, as a parent, transport your kids to school and other places that are relatively short in distances, about 2km radius?