June Holiday Activities 2017

It’s an annual event where everything that has to do with kids where the adults work overtime to entertain them. Aviva Superfundae has become an annual event for a one day only where everything that is fun to kids are made available. Pretty sure this has been going on for years before I gave birth and got into the world of “everything revolves around kids” related stuff. Anyway, tickets are required to attend the Aviva Superfundae.

In addition, since my eldest is studying, she has received a brochure with events (must pay) that are meant to enrich them during the long break. Depending on your location, in case you have thrown away the flyers, you can check out the events and enrichment classes for your kids too. I’m pretty sure the shopping malls will have Barney and Friends and other characters being lined up during the holidays for short performances. Now, if I can find those links and information.

Alternatively, you may have bought tickets to fly out of Singapore. Enjoy your trip!