Trying Out EZBuy for TaoBao Stuff

As I have been using AliExpress, I wanted to try out EZBuy. I discovered that Taobao accepts eNets too. By using EZBuy, I have to fork out extra for agent fees and shipping fees. Something that is uncontrollable as the amount can add up significantly more than the items that I want to buy. Seriously, the agents do the work, so they do have to get paid for shipping and buying on our behalf. It’s usually the shipping that is the killer.

Shipping can go by weight and size according to each shipping agent. Thus, I would not know which shipping method is best until I pay the total. However, since my stuff have not arrived, I will not comment on that yet as long as my items arrive in my hands. I have bought quite a number of items since my maternity leave and I must confess, it is addictive to just click and buy stuff online. When one is stuck at home with a baby, one can only do so much. It is simply too much work trying to go for holidays without some kind of extra help too.

There are 3 methods of purchase on EZBuy. EZBuy has “Buy for me”, “Ship for me” and “EZBuy”. Basically, Buy for me is mostly for stuff from Taobao and perhaps from Taiwan websites. Ship for me is mostly for USA stuff. Naturally, I discovered it a little too late. Buy for me items tend to cost more as they need to add up the shipping payments after placing the initial orders. Unfortunately, the shoes that I wanted to buy were from that particular option. Either I attempt to get directly from Taobao and navigate with my limited Chinese reading skills or I pay extra.

So, my shoes are actually arriving earlier than my new dust mop that I ordered a few days before the shoes. What gives? So, I anticipate the dust mop more since it has a wider surface area than the 3M anti-static Magic Clean. The dust at home really is horrible, it is dusty every 2 days. The horrors. Hence, I am still debating on that robot vacuum although I really want that robot vacuum.