March School Holiday Activities

It’s finally March and the short school holiday is here once again. This is the first time that I’m able to keep the first born with me while I’m still on maternity leave. 16 weeks of maternity is still too short, IMO. I prefer one year but then again, our taxes are not high, so, the healthcare and other stuff still have to be relatively short and long enough to care and bond with the babies.

It all began with the hubby down with some sort of virus that kept him coughing and sniffling. Half the holiday is gone and he is still coughing. Basically, I managed to bring two kids to the polyclinic for the baby to have her vaccination done. All the waiting despite the appointment was draggy. Once the injections were done, the wait for the doctor checkup was torturous. 30 minutes of waiting and still no sign until I had to breastfeed. If I had more money, I would have gone for the private clinics to get it all done in 30 minutes in the same room. The price for convenience. I estimated a 2-hour duration at the polyclinic and was not too far off.

The lousy part is that online booking is virtually non-existent despite the claims. I have to submit my details online and still wait for 1 working day for someone to get back to me and book a date and time for the next vaccination date. What is the point of such hassle when I login with my SingPass that is supposed to be secure? You mean it’s not that secured? Calling over the phone is more secure? What if someone is listening on the phone? My hormones are still not in sync.

My days with 2 kids are tiring and this is the rare time when I am actually able to type so much words at this moment. Not easy when the older one prefers me to wait on her. Especially when she gets jealous. The only way it so make sure I settle her problems before anything else and she will be happy. So, this is the current and only activity for my time with the kids.