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Being a temporary Stay Home Mum, maternity leaves rocks, I have been searching for tools to clean the house more efficiently and less taxing physically. Serious, after vacuuming the whole of 90 sqm minus the space taken up by wardrobes and all, I have no strength left to mop the floor. Thus, robot vacuums to the rescue! Sure, there are now mopping robots too but I will stick to vacuuming robots for now. Of course there are still some places where manual vacuuming is still needed like table tops and others above the floor but if the routine floor vacuuming work is done by the robot, I am happy with the result. Provided I store all the toys and other stuff from the floor first.

I’m looking at a few robot vacuums and unable to decide which one to get first. Roomba is good and so is Neato but those are out of my budget. Thus, in comes the list of contenders:





As of now, I’m more partial towards Suzuka for the value for money since the current promotion price is rather attractive. Besides vacuuming, cleaning cloths are also important and I love using magic cloth as most sellers call it. Who wouldn’t want a clean looking table top? I am lazy at cleaning and would actually prefer to let robots do all the cleaning and laundry if the technology has reached this stage. Reminds me of The Jetsons. Rosie is so efficient!

My purchase with the toilet bowl cleaner has led to a less stinky toilet bowl. I still have to scrub the toilet bowl at times when the buildup is visible. The 5 years of usage or 30,000 flushes was what attracted me first followed by the drop in price. In addition, I also bought Sani Sticks to dump them into the drains to reduce odour. Not that my drains stink but the sink does stink up a storm if I wash the dishes a lot. Each stick is supposed to last a month and I have been using them for a week now. Not much stink so far. I guess either my nose is not that sensitive or the sticks are really working. As I chose normal mail, some of the sticks were broken into 2. No jigsaw puzzles skills needed and the sticks still work. Just dump 2 pieces that equal to the whole stick length and the effect is still there.

Thus, ends my current search for cleaning the house with less effort on my part. Now, to get that robot vacuum.

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