Washing Baby Clothes Separately

When I had my first baby, the confinement lady helped to wash the baby clothes separately. When I gave birth recently, the baby clothes had to be washed separately during my confinement too. This time, MIL helped since I didn’t hire a confinement lady. So, I continued the tradition until recently. It is not easy to wash them separately since only 2 adult clothes can only accumulate that much in 2 days. I mean, how many times does one really change clothes at work when there are no spare clothes at the workplace?

The only exception is that I change my top at home more because of spit ups at times. As long as the hubby’s clothes doesn’t smell of anything too chemical, a good thing is that he doesn’t work at any place that will absorb those chemicals or anything, I decided to wash all the clothes together since the 1st born is at the babysitter on weekdays, I just wash the clothes daily. Maternity leave is a bliss till I start work again. So not looking forward to it.

I had the blessing of a stay home mom during my growing up years and I want to do the same for my kids but times have changed. Living standards have gone up and I have been trying so hard to get extra passive income that is not working out yet. I don’t know how to knit, crochet, make nice or cute figurines or even find any lobang for supplies to sell. Kudos to those moms who really know where to get those suppliers for baby stuff to sell online. Besides, I don’t really make a good seller. I rather place automation on any day. Just like how much I am really wanting to get that robot vacuum to help suck up most of the dirt at home so that I can have one less chore.

A huge pity is that Rosie is not available in real life yet to help me with those housework like laundry and cleaning of floors and toilets. Rosie is really helpful when I have to work outside of the home.