Surviving CNY with A K1 and Baby

This year, I managed to complete the CNY visiting. It is no easy task since I have to take extra clothes for both girls and I am always worried about missing items. What if I left the diapers at home. The horrors of a heavy diaper since the baby is not potty trained. I gave up trying the potty training method. Basically, too tied up with the kiddo who demands my time ever since the arrival of her younger sister. The only way to reduce jealousy is to cater and soothe the elder one more.

The baby just wants to be carried and fed and changed. I can feed and change the baby. If the baby wants to be carried and the elder wants my attention instead, I left someone else carry the baby. Bringing both kids around is tiring since I left the stroller at home for the visiting. Sometimes, I wish hubby has a car. He did try to rent one but the price is exorbitant. S$1,000 for 3 days. That amount is just nice for a monthly maintenance for a car that is bought!

So, we just visited the places that the brother in laws were going since they drove. We survived the 2 days of visiting while recovering from a flu and cough for me and my elder daughter. The baby was purely passed from one family member to another to be carried. Some offered that beds so that we need not carry all the time. I brought extra cloth to be laid on the bed.

I felt like a soldier all over again when I first gave birth rather close to CNY years back. Bringing extra clothes and diapers are a must for babies when they are out of the house. I just wait for the next few years to be less soldier like and I can finally bring a medium sized bag instead of a backpack with children’s clothes during CNY visits. Hopefully, hubby can own a vehicle of whatever works to bring us around during CNY.