Final Confinement Catering Done

I have finally finished the confinement food catering food. Well, the catering service that I ordered ended the delivery on the 21st day. It was a wonderful experience of not planning what food to cook for myself since I am supposed to be lying in bed most of the time anyway. However, the baby poops are another matter that is really unplanned. Though, some say you can train the baby to poop at certain time.

The food from The Natal Kitchen was thoughtful and I just portioned out the food. The first week, I had mostly brown rice as that is part of the menu. You can always change the menu if you want by informing them early. In fact, most of the catering services do allow you to change the menu as long as you tell them early and within the confinement recipes regulations of sesame oil and ginger.

I only mentioned that I didn’t want frogs legs. Frankly speaking, I am not a fan of confinement food. What The Natal Kitchen does have is dessert on Friday, white rice on Wednesday and Sunday and fried rice on one of the days. A nice change from brown rice which can get filling every time.

I’m not sure if it’s just me but the meat from the soup tend to be tough to chew and I often ended up not eating them. The soup does taste wonderful though. If I were to place orders again, I would choose The Natal Kitchen if I’m up for another round of diapers changing and all. Truth be told, I rather not go through pregnancy again.