Roomful of Toys

For some reason, my living room and bedroom has toys. Just to entertain a very curious baby. Teething too. This is a difficult time since I need to wipe every single thing before I can safely pass to her. Even my air-con remote. In fact, all remote controls. She loves to play with them for some reason. Perhaps knowing that the remote controls can change something. Whenever I use the Starhub remote control, she will try to grab it and randomly press on the buttons. This is her toy. She has no interest in baby toys. They don’t attract her that much. Even the very expensive Sophie the Giraffe. Well, there are times she would bite Sophie; when I have not wiped Sophie clean. The horrors.

Basically, I have cleaned small containers such as my empty supplement bottles that are small enough to be held in her hand. Those bottles will contain stones or foreign coins. She loves to use one hand to grab the bottle and wave 2 hands in the air vigorously. Just to hear the sound. Sometimes, she would wave a little too hard and topple backwards. That’s why I have to make sure there are enough cushions or simply spend my time on the floor with her; surrounded by toys or things that she could play with even for a short while.

People have often told me to keep her in the play pen and go cook and do housework. Like I have never tried. Like I’m a useless wife who can’t leave her baby alone. It is not that I don’t want to do the housework like cleaning the house to make it less hairy; my hair is still all over the floor. My girl likes to have companionship and I can’t just prop her into a baby carrier and cook! There is no way I can use a knife to chop the vegetables without her trying to grab the knife! Piggyback her will mean my hair being messed around by tiny hands and teething mouth.

So, I have make do with what I can. Just dump those clothes into the washing machine and let the machine do its job. Eventually, I have decided to use those laundry bags that can store my intimates to be washed by the machine too. It is simply too tiring to wash everything by hand. The washing machine is a mother’s best maid except that the clothes won’t be hanged onto the poles by themselves. Darn it.

Currently, my daughter has more soft toys and toys than anyone else. No containers seem to be large enough to hold them at her grandmother’s place. That reminds me, I need to find a way to store her play things except for the remote controls. I’m just not sure when I can donate the toys.

How did you manage those toys?