Cute Baby Girl Clothes

Having a daughter means that I get tons of choices for clothes for her. I have since bought more over the months. Whenever there is an offer, I look through and buy if I’m happy with them. Those cute Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse series are too irresistible for me to stop just at 1 romper. As I sleep in the air-conditioned room with her, I will dress her up warmly. Long sleeves and long pants are important.

I have also bought more rompers in larger sizes so that I can let her wear them for longer time. Kids shoot up very fast and it is just more economical to get larger sized clothes to let them wear despite looking odd. After a few months, they will grow into the clothes and by that time, I would be looking for more large sized clothes.

This time round as I sourced for clothes, dresses now come in romper or what they call bodysuit forms. So nice of the design because the stomach won’t get exposed when she does her yoga positions when being carried. What I like to buy are sets, usually I prefer them with bibs (I need an endless supply now that she is eating porridge and baby biscuits), pants, romper or top and beanie. I like beanies because she doesn’t mind them that much; I think they are more comfortable than caps. She kept pulling the cap off and let the beanie sit on her head. I have yet to get to the headband part. I love them, that’s when I found that I don’t have to buy headbands. I can make them myself by looking at what other mothers have done.

Although I like to buy clothes, I wish that I have the skills to upcycle clothes for her. Besides the lack of a sewing machine, I lack the imagination to cut and patch clothes together for myself; needless to say, I just have to spend money to buy those cute dresses and other what-nots for my girl.