March School Holiday Activities   Recently updated !

It’s finally March and the short school holiday is here once again. This is the first time that I’m able to keep the first born with me while I’m still on maternity leave. 16 weeks of maternity is still too short, IMO. I prefer one year but then again, our […]

Trying Out EZBuy for TaoBao Stuff

As I have been using AliExpress, I wanted to try out EZBuy. I discovered that Taobao accepts eNets too. By using EZBuy, I have to fork out extra for agent fees and shipping fees. Something that is uncontrollable as the amount can add up significantly more than the items that […]

Endless Search for Best Cleaning Tools 1

Being a temporary Stay Home Mum, maternity leaves rocks, I have been searching for tools to clean the house more efficiently and less taxing physically. Serious, after vacuuming the whole of 90 sqm minus the space taken up by wardrobes and all, I have no strength left to mop the […]

Surviving CNY with A K1 and Baby

This year, I managed to complete the CNY visiting. It is no easy task since I have to take extra clothes for both girls and I am always worried about missing items. What if I left the diapers at home. The horrors of a heavy diaper since the baby is […]

Washing Baby Clothes Separately

When I had my first baby, the confinement lady helped to wash the baby clothes separately. When I gave birth recently, the baby clothes had to be washed separately during my confinement too. This time, MIL helped since I didn’t hire a confinement lady. So, I continued the tradition until […]

Final Confinement Catering Done

I have finally finished the confinement food catering food. Well, the catering service that I ordered ended the delivery on the 21st day. It was a wonderful experience of not planning what food to cook for myself since I am supposed to be lying in bed most of the time […]

Birth of a New Princess 1

So, I am now a mother of 2 girls. This was not an easy pregnancy. The birth was a relief for me. I would not vomit at any time so easily. Besides trying to chew tough confinement meat. On the day of the birth, I was out with my family […]

A First for Everything

This was a night to remember. It was my first time attending a wedding while heavily pregnant. Really close to my EDD. I am just glad that I managed to attend this wedding since it is the brother-in-law’s wedding. When my wedding happened years back, hash tags were just starting […]

Working After School Hours is NOT Part of Service

First off, I will state clearly: I am a mother. I am also working full time. I am also working in a school. I am NOT a teacher. I am part of the Support Staff who is NOT entitled to school holiday scheme. I work 52 weeks excluding public holidays. […]

The Third Trimester Is Here

I have finally reached the third trimester. Having a fetus kicking every few minutes is fun as long as my bladder isn’t the one being pushed. So, there I was, trying to find and decide a confinement meal caterer when I decided to use The Natal Kitchen as it was […]